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Are We

At EdgeMate, we are passionate about building Products, Platforms and Solutions that allow and assist organisations in making their machines IoT ready. With the ever-increasing need for organizations to process, analyse, manage, and action time critical data, traditional controllers managing powerful industrial equipment limit the exposure of data to local HMI or SCADA. 


Our Mission
To make every machine loT ready and provide purpose built, Ready to use controllers for industrial IOT and M2M edge applications

Our Vision
To provide Seamless, easy to use loT framework that enables connectivity between Sensors and Cloud allowing customers to become industry 4.0 compliant

Makes Us


A team of experienced professionals Our team brings together decades of system integration and IoT device development expertise in the areas of Industrial Automation, Building Management Systems, Embedded systems, and product design allowing us to offer solutions for every vertical.

Management Team

Kawshol Sharma -

Technology Advisor

Kishor Vyas

Head Sales and Marketing

Yogesh Sharma

Head Operations

Sachin Dayma

Tech Lead Applications

Members of the Board & Advisors

Harris Neck

Snir joined

Harris Neck

Snir joined

Harris Neck

Snir joined

Harris Neck

Snir joined

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