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Our Company

At EdgeMate, we are passionate about building Products, Platforms and Solutions that allow and assist organisations in making their machines IoT ready. With the ever-increasing need for organizations to process, analyse, manage, and action time critical data, traditional controllers managing powerful industrial equipment limit the exposure of data to local HMI or SCADA.

Our Mission
To make every machine loT ready and provide purpose built, Ready to use controllers for industrial IOT and M2M edge applications

Our Vison
To provide Seamless, easy to use loT framework that enables connectivity between Sensors and Cloud allowing customers to become industry 4.0 compliant


A team of experienced professionals Our team brings together decades of system integration and IoT device development expertise in the areas of Industrial Automation, Building Management Systems, Embedded systems, and product design allowing us to offer solutions for every vertical.

Kawshol Sharma - Technology Advisor
Kawshol is a pioneer in design and development of Edge computing device architecture in the fields of Automotive ECU (Telematics, connected car, DCM) and IoT, IIoT systems. He is a co-developer and contributor to the Macchina.io IoT Edge Device SDK platform. With a career spanning more than 35+ years designing and developing embedded systems for organizations such Sony, Samsung, HP, Canon, Epson, Microsoft, Cisco, NXP, Continental to name a few. Kawshol has to his name 5 patents and invention disclosures and was a contributor for specification developments of technologies such as USB 2.0, wireless USB and NFC. Kawshol is currently part of the technology advisory board at EdgeMate.
Günter Obiltschnig
Günter Obiltschnig is the founder and creator of POCO C++ Libraries and the Macchina.io Remote Manager and IoT Edge Device SDK. With more than 25+ years of experience in developing embedded systems and IoT system architecture for organizations such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, HP, Intel, Cisco, and many more. Gunter is a regular speaker at conferences such as Embedded world, ESE Kongress, Embedded systems conference, and others. He has also written several white papers on designing and building portable systems in C++, Using C++ for safety critical systems among many more. He has very keen interest in spaceflight and its history. Gunter is currently part of Technology Advisory board at Edgemate.
Kishor Vyas - Head Sales and Marketing
Kishor is business enthusiast at Edgemate and looks after Sales and Marketing .With a career spanning over 35+ years in the field of Industrial Automation, IT, Telecom, Ecommerce and Building Automation . He comes with an experience of creating business startups, handling various functions in them, and has served as the CEO . He is skilled in the vertical of Sales and Marketing and simultaneously handles key company operations as well. He makes time to mentor and guide young entrepreneurs and is a connoisseur of Indian Classical Music.
Sachin Dayma - Tech Lead Applications
Having 15 years of experience and skillset in Application Development using multiple Hardware/Software platforms like PLC , DDC Controllers. SCADA , Motion controllers of various brands . These applications development has spanned across multiple domains like Building Automation, Process Automation , Factory Machines and in different business verticals like Food ,Pharma ,Automotive . Has worked extensively on IIoT and Digitisation projects from Sensors to Analytics .Sachin is also certified Trainer for the Niagara Platform having delivered many trainings across Asia in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Korea, India etc
Yogesh Sharma – Head Operations
Yogesh is heads the Operations division at EdgeMate. He brings more than 14+ years of experience in electronics product Sourcing , Development, Manufacturing and Distribution. He is currently the owner/director of Devanture Technologies, a leading value added distributor in the areas of IoT products and associated components

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