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IoT Based Energy Monitoring System (EMS) collects and organizes energy consumption information and presents it as meaningful & actionable insights i.e., energy conserving opportunities (ECOs). We can’t save energy unless we measure, understand and eliminate the in-efficiencies. Efftronics designed Intelligent Energy Monitoring System to improve energy utilization and reduce wastages which includes planning and management of energy consumption patterns in industries and commercial areas.

Features of Energy Monitoring Systems

Multiple parameters

Integrate energy, temperature, business data and more!

User existing meters

Our platform supports and is compatible with existing smart meters, sensors and devices on MODBUS protocol

M & V Tool

Create a baseline, perform energy conservation measures (ECM) & see outcomes

Real time Visibility

Visualise and manage energy data in real-time, Create dynamic hierarchical alerts

Wide Functionality

Automated reports, Sentinel Trends – prediction of consumption, operational analyser etc.

Benefits of Energy Monitoring Systems

Real Time Alerts

Prevent Penalties

Improve Power Quality

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Meeting Sustainable Goals & Compliances

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