Edge Computing & Data Visualization

Edge Computing &

Data Visualization

Empower your machines with the ability to compute on the edge

EdgeHUB is an edge computing IIoT platform that provides ready to use software building blocks or Application Enabling services for users to collect, compute, visualize and build applications locally at the edge.

Whether you are an OEM, a system integrator or just starting your IoT journey, EdgeHUB provides simple and secure alternative approach to achieving different IIoT objectives. EdgeHub enables machine-to-machine interactions allowing for users to conduct more thorough operational analysis, save costs and improve end user experience.


Focus on core competencies

Implementing IIoT solutions from scratch can be complex. EdgeHUB architecture offers a plug and play solution allowing customers to focus on their core competencies and product offerings.

Faster decision making

Accessing edge data enables users to define precise business logic for machines to take faster decisions and reduce machine downtime.

Enhanced data privacy and security

Reduces the need to transfer and store large amounts of data in the cloud, mitigating potential risks associated with data breaches and unauthorized access.

Bandwidth Optimization

Only relevant and summarized data is transmitted, resulting in optimized bandwidth utilization and cost savings.

Plug and Play

Our predefined application templates allow users a near plug and play experience. Customer can access untapped markets fast and efficiently.

Modernize and IoT-enable legacy code

EDGE is written in C++. This makes it easy to bring your existing investments in C++ and C code into the future.

Edgehub Products

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