Energy Monitoring (EMS)

Energy Monitoring (EMS)

Energy management is more important than ever as businesses look to control costs, control energy, Energy management is the key to saving energy in your organization. Energy management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or organization.

Taking action to target the opportunities to save energy (i.e., tackling the routine waste and replacing or upgrading the inefficient equipment). Typically, you'd start with the best opportunities first.

Tracking your progress by analyzing your meter data to see how well your energy-saving efforts have worked.

Finding opportunities to save energy and estimating how much energy each opportunity could save. You would typically analyze your meter data to find and quantify routine energy waste, and you might also investigate the energy savings that you could make by replacing equipment or by upgrading your building's insulation.


Expertise in Embedded Edge

EdgeHub runtimes SW is built on our strong foundations and expertise in embedded edge computing along with Building controls and industrial automation. EdgeHub brings together a robust and efficient multi-service IOT Gateway pre-installed with EdgeMate.

Highly Modular

EdgeMate users can build multiple services and applications to monitor energy with a web-enabled, secure, highly modular, and extensible application, consisting of Middleware, protocols, and rich APIs for cloud communication.


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View the dashboard of control flow

Modify energy management control flow and restart

Add dynamically control and management services

Remote connection to devices management site

Maintain EdgeHub security standards on the device

Ensure that IoT Edge modules are always running

Ensure that IoT Edge modules are always running

Management communication between downstream devices

Update modules and programs on an IoT Edge device

Send notifications of important events to live participants by e-mail or chat client

Access, Control, View/Display and Manage your IoT Devices securely from anywhere using a Web Browsers, Apps or mobile

Remote debug the issues of sensors and control logics

Monitor your network, device and asset performance and security with bi-directional communications

Cloud Ready and Scalable – Able to handle a very large number of simultaneously connected devices and user sessions