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EDGEMATE SHADOW Effortless Remote Access to machines

TLS protected remote connectivity to wide range of industrial equpiments such as PLC, HMI, SCADA, MODBUS, Industrial Contollers and gateways.

EdgeConnect - loT Device Management Platform

Secure and encrypted tunnel
connections between loT devices and
the server. loT devices can be securely
accessed behind firewalls or routers,
eliminating the possibility of direct
attacks. Our integrated user
management system and granular role
and permission-based access control
ensures that only authorized personnel
have access to devices.

Scalable and secure remote access for loT and edge devices, with the ability to manage more than 100,000 devices per Reflector Server instance. With the ability to cluster multiple servers, our solution is designed to meet the needs and demands of organizations both large and small and controlling up to millions of devices.

Deploy and pay according to your needs. Our loT management solution can be easily integrated into your organization, allowing you to create a customized, powerful and secure remote loT device management solution.

Our easy to use web interface simplifies remote loT device management. No changes to the network infrastructure are required in @rder to access the device.

By providing access to REST APIs and industrial automation protocols on loT devices, the Edgeonnect platform provides secure and customized remote access solutions tailored to different use cases such as smart factories.

Our solution is designed for high performance and maximum efficiency. It has been optimized for resource-constrained loT devices, provides for direct and optimized access to device interfaces, with a minimal footprint in a reliable, secure manner.

Quickly bring large numbers of
new loT devices online and under control. Get full visibility into device connectivity and performance across multiple locations from a single dashboard. Our remote loT management solution requires no complicated setup like VPN or port forwarding – devices simply need to establish a WebSocket connection with the
reflector server.

Remotely manage and control any loT device with a web-based interface. This includes industrial automation equipment devices (PLCs), loT gateways and edge devices, sensors, alarm systems, home automation controllers, office phone systems, POS systems and more. Access devices remotely via web UI, REST/SOAP APIs, SSH, VNC etc.
We provide maximum flexibility for secure and remote access to the
loT devices.

Build high performing
loT applications

Application driven Edge gateways allow seamless Edge computing, data integration and visualization for real-time processing at the network’s edge.

Highly Secure

Technology is based on proven and proxy/firewall-friendly WebSocket protocol. It Supports secure, TLS encrypted and authenticated connections and can be used without changes to to the existing network infrastructure.

Plug/Play Pre-built applications

Select from our ready-to-use collection of pre-built applications, enabling users to access new markets and accelerate their time to market.

Enterprise ready loT framework

Edgehub gateways comes pre-installed with ready-to-use software building blocks allowing users to collect, process, filter, analyse and visualize data from sensors and machines locally at the edge, directly where it originates, and where the action happens.

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