Empower Your IoT Devices with the ability to compute


Meaning and actionable data processing at the source made possible with EdgeMate's IoT Framework

Empower Your IoT Edge Devices

IOT Gateways and Smart Controllers

The EdgeMate Difference!! Purpose built, Ready to use controllers for industrial IOT and M2M applications with multiple ports capable of defining rule engines for specific edge applications.

Edgemate Device SDK

EdgeMate’s loT Edge device software provides ready to use building blocks (Middleware) allowing users to build applications, collect, process and analyze data locally at the edge, where the action happens.

Build Your High-Performance Cloud
Devices With Edgemate

Faster time to market

Spend less time writing infrastructure and low level framework code. Ready to use protocols creating robust and flexible IoT applications in minimum time.

Quick and easy configuration of IoT applications

Web based interface provides visual data flows running on the edge and can be managed remotely via a cloud of your choice.

Boost Productivity

Supports all leading IoT cloud services and platforms.


Modernize your existing investments by connecting your legacy devices to cloud.

Enhancing Safety

Paves way for enhancing your product offerings with end customers.

Easy to Customize

Highly customizable to fit your device design and branding.

Edgemate Remote Manager

IoT device management made easy with EdgeMate Remote Manager Securely Access, Control & Manage IoT Edge Devices From Anywhere Using.

Web Browsers

Edge Mate RM provides secure and transparent remote access to the built-in web server of a device. Access the web interface of your device from anywhere using any web browser.

Apps & Voice Assistants

With EdgeMate RM, mobile apps on Android or iOS devices, or voice assistants like Alexa can remotely and securely access the REST API of an IoT or embedded device.

SSH & Remote Desktop

EdgeMate RM provides secure remote forwarding of TCP-based protocols, including SSH, VNC and RDP, for secure remote management, user assistance, troubleshooting and debugging.

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