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Remote Access

Web Based Secure Remote Access.

Edgemate Remote Access monitoring solutions allow users to seamlessly connect to your Machinery, equipment and processes. It allows businesses to take control of their operations and have the power to monitor , control and optimize industrial processes from anywhere in the world, all at your fingertips.

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How does Remote Access work?

Edgemate Remote Access solution works on standard internet technologies such as HTTPS and WebSocket. It requires:

1. A hardware or IoT device running a program called WebTunnel agent that opens a secure and TLS protected WebSocket connection to remote manager server running in the cloud.

2. A global connectivity cloud server that accepts requests from client's web browser. These requests are then simply forwarded to the device, using the device tunnel connection.

All that 's needed to establish a link between the device and a remote server is an internet connection . This technology is compatible with firewalls and can even function seamlessly via intermediate HTTP proxy server.

Benefits of Remote Access Monitoring

Bi-Directional Communication

Operate and control your devices remotely. E.g., EC Fan on/off

Real Time Alerts and Updates

Receive detailed reports and alerts to monitor network and health of your device.

Easy setup and Deployment

Configure your devices in less than 1 hour. No complex VPN or FIREWALL configurations required.

Reduce Down Time and Cost

Eliminate the need for Engineer Visit to the Site / Reduces Downtime and increases operational efficiency

Highly Secure

Highly secure & TLS protected WebSocket connection. your device can stay behind a firewall or router, and you can exactly control who is allowed to access it remotely - leaving zero direct attack surface

Data Analysis

Data analysts play a crucial role in extracting meaningful insights from the vast amounts of data generated by connected devices.

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