EdgeMate IoT Device Platform

EdgeMate IoT Device Platform

EdgeMate IoT edge device platform is an enterprise-ready IoT framework based on macchina.io technology stack that provides web-enabled, secure, highly modular, extensible C++ and JavaScript IoT application environment on top of Linux, consisting of middleware, protocols, and rich APIs.

Industry proven, ready-to-use software building blocks enable applications to collect, process, filter, analyse and visualize sensor,machine, and process data locally at the edge, directly where it originates,and where the action happens. 

Users can compute meaningful data at edge and the resulting data can be published to leading IoT cloud services such as AWS IoT, Google, Azure IoT making EdgeMate an ideal solution for a wide range of IoT devices. It takes the complexity out of device software development for edge devices, IoT gateways and connected embedded systems.

Based on an open-source core, with commercial add-ons, Edgemate covers all needs of professional IoT device software developers. When performance, low footprint, efficiency, and security counts.

The edge platform comes pre-installed with all EdgeMate gateway and controllers.

Key Features

Fully modular, highly scalable and loosely-coupled architecture.

High performance, efficiency and low

Suitable for many different vertical markets and use cases.

Hardware independent, open and highly interoperable.


Sensors And Devices API

The edge platform provides rich APIs for accessing various sensors and devices, which can be used from both JavaScript and native C++ code.

Device Application Server

edgemate.io is based on a powerful embedded web application server, providing a flexible module system that makes it easy to build dynamically extensible applications providing rich web-based user interfaces.

Javascript Engine

Build your applications faster. edgemate.io includes the V8 JavaScript engine which compiles JavaScript to native ARM, MIPS or x86 machine code for great performance.

Components And Services

A powerful components (bundles) and services architecture enables modular, easily extensible applications that can be securely upgraded and extended with new features in the field.

Components And Services

Broad support for modern and legacy communication protocols makes it easy to integrate sensor networks, automation devices and cloud services. Includes support for HTTP, MQTT, REST, JSON-RPC, MQTT, SOAP, UPnP™, Modbus, OPC-UA, CANopen, S7, etc.

Efficiency And Performance

The platform has been implemented in C++ for best efficiency, low footprint and performance. Extremely modular design and flexible scalability make edgemate a perfect fit for a broad range of devices and applications.

Embedded Database

edgemate.io uses SQLite as embedded database. Great for logging sensor data and available to both JavaScript and C++ code.

Application Containers

Deploy and manage third-party applications in Docker containers, using edgemate.io’s bundle concept.

Secure Remote Management

Remote Manager provides secure remote management and remote access via Web, SSH and VNC.


Make Your Device Programmable In JavaScript

Edgemate supports JavaScript, currently the most popular programming language, in addition to C++. This opens up IoT device software development to a huge number of developers, not just C++ experts.

High Performance And Low Footprint

Edgemate is the ideal foundation for demanding edge computing applications requiring highest performance, as well as for cost-efficient devices with limited resources in terms of CPU and memory.

Modernize And IoT-Enable Legacy Code Bases

Edgemate is written in C++. This makes it easy to bring your existing investments in C++ and C code into the future.

Reduce Complexity Of IoT Device Software Projects.

Edgemate provides rich high-level APIs and allows you to program in JavaScript, in addition to C++. This brings IoT device application development to a higher abstraction level and reduces complexity. macchina.io improves the productivity and efficiency of your software development team.

Focus The Core Competencies Of Your Product Development Teams

With Edgemate , you don’t spend valuable development time and resources writing infrastructure and low-level framework code. Or managing third party dependencies. Neither will differentiate your product. Edgemate .io lets you focus on unique product features that will let your product stand out in the market

Faster time to market - Spend less time writing infrastructure and low level framework code

Faster time to market - Spend less time writing infrastructure and low level framework code. Ready to use protocols creating robust and flexible loT applications in minimum time.

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