Devanture Remote Manager is edge tools for rapid device deployment and easier asset and inventory management it uses macchina remote manager stack

Monitor network, device and asset performance and security with bi-directional communications

Access data from edge devices that were previously out of reach and define precisely where you want the business logic

Automate mass firmware and software updates to stay in compliance

Integrate device data through open APIs to gain deeper insights

Receive detailed reports and real-time alerts on network health and device condition

Manage remote health of device


Flexible And Customizable Remote Manager can be easily customized and extended via plugins to customize the user interface or add customer-specific features. It optionally supports LDAP for user authentication and provides REST APIs and webhooks for integration with customer-specific or third-party applications.

Cloud-Ready And Scalable

The Remote Manager typically runs on a virtual Linux server or in a container. Multiple instances can be run in a load-balancing setup if required to reliably handle a very large number of simultaneously connected devices and user sessions.

No VPN Required Remote Manager does not require a VPN. Devices connect to Remote Manager using a TLS-protected WebSocket connection. This connection is then used for tunneling TCP connections to the device. Therefore, Remote Manager is the perfect solution in situations where a VPN cannot be used for technical or legal reasons.


The tunnel connections between device and Remote Manager and also the connection between client (web browser) and Remote Manager are secured using TLS. Furthermore, your devices are never exposed directly to the internet — they can safely stay behind a firewall or router, leaving zero direct attack surface.


The Remote Manager acts as a transparent, caching proxy for devices, caching static web resources like images, stylesheets and JavaScript files. This is quite useful if a device is connected to a low-bandwidth network, as it significantly speeds up the loading time of the device’s web pages.


The REST API provides full access to all device management features of the reflector server. Using the API, devices can be created and deleted, device properties can be retrieved, modified, added and deleted, and available devices can be queried. And there is also an API for users and permissions management.

Works Across NAT Routers And Firewalls

Through a secure tunnel to the Remote Manager the edge device becomes just another host on the internet, addressable via its own URL and protected by the Remote Manager server against unauthorized or malicious access. No public IP address is required for the device.

Supports All Kinds Of Connected Devices

Remote Manager works with home automation devices, monitoring and control systems for green energy facilities, remote automation and data acquisition devices, data loggers, device servers, IoT gateways, or any other connected device with a built-in web, SSH, or VNC server.


Secure Your IoT Devices

The internet has become a dangerous place for devices. With Remote Manager, you don't have to expose your device to the internet using a public IP address or port forwarding on a NAT router. Your device can stay behind a firewall or router, and you can exactly control who is allowed to access it remotely - leaving zero direct attack surface. Of course, all communication between your device and Remote Manager is encrypted with TLS.

Easy & Quick Deployment

A remote access solution with Remote Manager can be set up in less than one hour. Remote Manager can run on premises or on a virtual machine in the cloud - it's your choice. The Remote Manager device agent can be easily integrated into Linux-based devices or gateways, or can run on a Windows machine in the same network as the device.

Flexible & Cost Effective

The Remote Manager web user interface can be highly customized to fit your device design and branding. Plug-ins, REST APIs and webhooks allow deep integration with your own applications and systems. Deploying a remote access solution based on Remote Manager is much more cost effective than rolling your own solution.

Enhance Your Product And Service Offerings Remote Manager provides secure remote access for your in-house support staff, external service partners, or end users. A powerful user management and permissions system controls who has access to which devices. Besides providing remote access for customer assistance, support, servicing and trouble-shooting, Remote Manager simplifies integration of mobile apps or voice assistants with your devices.

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