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Edgemate Shadow

Whether you are a machine builder, a system integrator, or an end user, being able to monitor and access your industrial equipment & devices allows monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and making real-time adjustments to optimize operations.

Remote access extends the possibility to gain quick feedback from industrial controllers such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and associated peripherals like HMI, JACE, VFD, SCADA, ROBOT, Sensors, and many other controllers. scription.

How Does Edgemate Shadow Work

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Web-based Remote Access

Access, monitor, and control your Assets from anywhere with a simple internet connection.

Remotely Access

Industrial equipment such as PLC, HMI, SCADA, Gateways, Data loggers, PC, Modbus devices

Easy Setup

Connect in three simple steps: Connect LAN - Configure IP address and internet - Install helper


EdgeConnect (cloud) allows permission-based user role management, tenancy management, configuring systems, and setting realtime updates.


Linux-based OS, Dual Ethernet ports, expandable to adopt RS485 Modbus on USB.

Highly Secure

TLS Protected end-to-end encryption and certificate-based authentication.


Cost and time

Eliminates the requirement for engineer site visits for commissioning,
programming, and troubleshooting of industrial equipment.

Process improvement

Reduces downtime, set alarms, or creates real-time dashboards
for improving and monitoring your (your customer’s) machines

Low bandwidth

Does not require the entire screen to be duplicated unlike VPN increasing
bandwidth costs.

Easy setup

Saves having to deal with IT to set up routers, open firewall ports, or custom
VPN connections. Just get IT approval for using the cloud

  • Have all your devices at one location remotely debug and find issues, Perfect the problems and resolve customer problems

  • Reduces site visits and improves customer experience.

  • Give end user logins to your customer and show your already existing dashboards without hosting worries using Edgemate login

  • Also, can be updated for EdgeHUB , to become edge computing device with cloud data connectivity, to setup alarms and diagnostics of machines.

  • Use with each of your deployed site, to reduce program debug time and efforts.

  • Keep programmers at office and use Edgemate device with site engineers to save time and efforts.

  • Take global opportunities with Edgemate shadow remote access.


The Edgemate Shadow technology is based on standard internet technologies such as HTTP and WebSocket. A tunnel connection between the device and the server is created using TLS, leaving a zero direct attack surface as your devices are never directly exposed to the internet.


  • An excellent alternative to VPN & Port Forwarding – Addresses many drawbacks of traditional remote access such as legal restrictions, high setup and maintenance cost, separate access for all users, and direct exposure to the internet.
  • Security –end-to-end encryption with two-factor authentication (2FA) using time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) and certificate-based authentication for remote access to the cloud.
  • Works behind NAT routers and Firewalls – with its own addressable URL. No public or static IP address is required for the device.

Works with Leading makes of Automation Hardware ( TCP Based Communication )

Client Works with Leading makes of Automation Hardware ( TCP Based Communication )

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