Frequently Asked Questions

Edgemate is a software framework based on . It includes certain software implementation which makes it suitable for IoT, Industrial IoT and OEM application.

Edgemate has multiple applications built for common use cases. The EdgeMate Gateways provide hardware along with the complete
Edgemate stack to perform frequently used tasks involved in building IoT applications. The EdgeMate Remote provides a transparent
TCP tunnel which can be used for Remote Desktop Connections, SSH connections and remote connectivity options like PLC programming,
DDC Programming. It provides a very cost effective and reliable alternative to VPN/static IP based solutions.

The edgemate stack includes common drivers like Modbus, CAN, Siemens S7 to collect data from devices, includes a control graph framework to perform time intensive calculations, Includes web server for custom visualization, grafana for system monitoring,redis database for data logging, optional cloud connectivity and remote management of the gateway.

The remote management of EdgeMate is based on cloud but the application is on premise. We dont push any customer data to the cloud unless explicitly required by the customer

The EdgeMate stack is flexible to build/import your applications. We have already hosted custom applications on EdgeMate. Refer the application Note section or Connect with us to know more.

The EdgeMate stackis built entirely with C/C++ making it extremely light weight to run on embedded platforms. It has a complete OSGi,SOA implementation.

EdgeMate has a complete SDK to help build your IoT applications which can reduce your development life cycle and time to market.

EgdeMate remote is based on establishing secure Web Tunnel The EdgeMate remote has been test for remote desktop connections, SSH connections. It has also been tested for remote PLC/HMI programming with reputed makes like Siemens, Mitsubishi, Delta, Schnieder Electric etc. You can connect with us for a more detailed list if required.

No. EdgeMate remote is based on establishing web tunnels.

No. EdgeMate Remote establishes web tunnel using http which is generally open with all firewalls.

No. At this point, it supports only TCP based Connections. Serial Communication would be added in future release.